non eco friendly cosmetics

non eco friendly cosmetics

If you want to become more eco-friendly, one sure-fire way to accomplish that is to stop using chemicals and ingredients that are known to be bad for the environment. You can find safe products in the store, but you can also fight back by making your own.


We all love glittery eye shadows, lotions, and so forth. But glitter is really just microplastic. Whether it’s the kind you buy for your food or for art, it’s all plastic and it’s not good for the environment.


These are often found in exfoliating products. They’re dangerous for exactly why you think they are. It’s plastic. It’s terrible for the environment and is also a hormone disruptor. These things never dissipate into the environment, and you can’t really recycle them.

Certain Preservatives

The problem is, this is very bad for the environment as it can cause genetic mutations in aquatic life.

Plasticizing Chemicals

DBP are put into things like nail polish, which keeps the polish looking hard while also making it flexible so it doesn’t make nails brittle. Anything with plastic is bad and should be avoided.

non eco friendly cosmetics

Antibacterial Ingredients

You see it in everything now, from actual hand sanitizer to lotions and more.

Synthetic Fragrances

Since most people who have chemical sensitivities first start having the issue due to fragrances. These fragrances make plants and cells more prone to damage from other environmental factors.


Studies have shown that it’s hazardous to coral reefs and has killed a lot. It doesn’t even take much of this ingredient to ruin the environment and destroy the reef.


It’s even getting into our food chain via various sources because it’s contaminating our waterways across the globe, including in Antarctica.

non eco friendly cosmetics

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