ways to save money

ways to save money

Another big expense for weddings is clothing. The men’s outfits aren’t usually too bad as it’s completely acceptable to rent a tux, but for women it’s a different thing. But, you don’t always have to go with the traditional outfit. You can think outside the box and save money on the wedding dress and other outfits.

Set a Budget

This is always the first thing you need to do before you plan anything that requires spending money. The budget will help you avoid problems. It helps to have that number to stick to and not get talked out of it. Use that budget number and let anyone know who is helping you that this is the number and it will not go higher.

Know What You Want

Before you bother shopping, you should know what you want. Collect images of the types of outfits that you like so that you can show anyone helping you the style you want for your outfits. When you’re collecting images, don’t concern yourself with price; think regarding shapes and style.

Buy Used

A really good way to save money is to buy a used dress. If you do this, buy slightly larger and expect to pay money for a professional fitting with a seamstress, so be sure to give enough time for this process. You may want to check seamstress prices so you can add that to your budget for your dress.

Sample Sales

At least yearly, most bridal designers and shops offer what they call a sample sale. The sample sale includes last year’s styles of dresses that many others have tried on. Due to this, you may need to get the dress cleaned before wearing it. You can save up to 80 percent on some designs.

ways to save money

Set a Theme

One way to save money on outfit shopping is to set a theme for your wedding. Usually, the theme is based on the venue. For example, if you’re getting married at the beach, a short dress with bare feet, and white flowy shirt and pants for the groom will be perfect and much cheaper.


You can rent the groom’s and groomsmen’s outfits as well as the bride’s and bridesmaids’. This is a novel approach to finding the right clothing for everyone at a good price. No one even has to know that you rented everything. Some people even rent silk flowers. The possibilities are endless with renting.


If you have a relative or friend that recently got married, you can always borrow a dress or other outfit. If you put the word out early that you’re looking to borrow everything, you’ll be more likely to find what you need.

Shop Off-Season

When you shop off-season, you’re more likely to find sales. Remember that you don’t have to stick to “wedding venue” clothing stores. You can find outfits that are good for your wedding based on the theme almost anyplace.

The clothing at your wedding is an excellent and easy place to save money. You can find wonderful outfits to wear that won’t break the bank but will also make the statement that you desire for your wedding.

ways to save money

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