Aerobic exercises Tips

Aerobic exercises Tips

If you’ve been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, that means that you likely have too much fat around your waist, high blood triglycerides, low HDL (good cholesterol), high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Try Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises get the blood pumping and cause you to breathe more heavily. Doing this kind of exercise improves your lung capacity, increases your metabolism, and can improve blood sugar levels. Some examples of this type of exercise include jumping rope, rebounding, jogging, dancing, and fast walking.

Add in Some Interval Training

This is a good way to add some intensity to your moderate workout. All you do is slow down and speed up during intervals. So, if you’re walking fast, then speed up for sixty seconds, that is interval training. It’s great for pushing yourself a little harder in short bursts, so it seems more effortless.

Don’t Forget the Resistance

Adding in some form of resistance to your workouts can also increase the efficacy of the work. Angle weights, resistance bands, and even running in water can help increase the challenge and the good effects of the workout.

Exercise 150 Minutes Per Week Moderately

Keep in mind that you don’t even need to do much exercise to get the results you want. Only 150 minutes a week at a minimum is needed to improve your health. When you break that down to seven days, it isn’t that much time and is less than 30 minutes a day of exercise.

You Really Only Need 10 Minutes

The truth is, each time you get up to move, you only need to do it for 10 minutes at a time to reap the benefits. If all you do is get up and do jumping jacks for 10 minutes every four hours or so, you’ll vastly improve your health.

Aerobic exercises Tips

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Walking

Don’t make exercise difficult. You don’t need to run and you don’t need special equipment. Get a good pair of shoes and then walk. Walking is the simplest form of exercise that “most” people can do.

Add Exercise with Little Tricks

Each day you can add in some exercise to your day with these tricks. Park at the end of every parking lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator and choose active things to do rather than sedentary. Save movies and sitting around for bad weather days and get moving the rest of the time.

Make It Fun

Exercise does not have to be bad. It can be fun too. Dancing, swimming, and playing various games like volleyball or tennis are all good ways to get moving more at a moderate level to help fight metabolic syndrome.

Exercising is going to help you reverse your metabolic syndrome condition because it will help you lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, and motivate you to eat better. The great thing is that it really doesn’t take as much exercise as you may have thought. 150 minutes a week can be broken up into 10-minute blocks throughout the week to ensure you get it done. Be sure to add a healthy diet into the mix to make the exercise work even better to improve your health.

Aerobic exercises Tips

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