citrus fruit uses

citrus fruit uses

When you think about citrus fruit, you probably think of the main ones such as lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, and their variations. However, there are more citrus fruits that are used around the world that you might want to familiarize yourself with.


This citrus fruit tastes just like grapefruit, without the bitterness. Many people love it and like to use it in recipes instead of grapefruit to have the flavor without the tartness of regular grapefruit. You can use them in salsa, dressings, marinades, and as jam. If you try it, only eat the flesh (not the membrane) for best flavor. You can find these mostly in Asia and specialty grocery stores.


This Mediterranean citrus fruit looks like a cross between a lime and an orange. This may sound weird, but this is what is used to flavor your Earl Grey tea. It has a fragrant, tart, spicy flavor. It works great as a flavoring for tea, cookies, custard, and cocktails.

citrus fruit uses

Ugli Fruit

This is not an “ugly” fruit; it’s like mandarin orange and grapefruit. And like those fruits, you can section this one and enjoy it much the same way. It’s very juicy, and it tastes just like both grapefruit and orange as it’s both tangy, bitter, and slightly sweet.

Buddha’s Hand

This citrus fruit kind of looks like fingers or a hand with fingers. It doesn’t even look like you can eat it, but you can zest it to add to salads and other dishes when you want to bring brightness like a lemon to your cooking. Use it in baking, marinades, and to replace either lemon zest or orange zest.


This grape or olive-like citrus fruit looks like a small orange due to the color. It’s native to south Asia. These fruits grow slowly on shrub-like bushes and can be used in salads, jam, candy, and more. Anywhere you’d use an orange you can use kumquats successfully. They are also fun to just eat like they are.

You’re not stuck today with the basics when it comes to using citrus in cooking or in your home. Go to new stores to find fresh and exciting citrus ingredients to take your recipes up a notch. Many international stores have these ingredients; all you have to do is step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. It might look weird, but you can be assured it’s going to be delicious.

citrus fruit uses

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