ways to save money

ways to save money

Being green is an important concept today. The earth is our only home, and according to 99 percent of the world’s scientists, we are in big trouble. While it can be challenging to try to be green, it’s a lot easier to do when you realize how much money you can save.

Stop Using Bottled Water

This is a huge problem today, with plastic taking over the planet to the point where most of us are eating plastic – and not on purpose. This means that we need to cut down. One of the easiest ways to do that is to stop buying bottled water. You can get a filter on your faucet or buy a Berkey Water Filter and fill your reusable containers at home. The average person spends about $100 a year on bottled water. How much will you save?

Cook at Home

Cooking from scratch from home is always less expensive, and it does not have to be time-consuming. Invest in a crockpot, an instant pot, and a rice cooker (try your local thrift store), and you can cook dinner within 30 minutes.

Use Energy-Saving Appliances and Tech

Replace lightbulbs with LEDs and replace old appliances with newer Energy Star ones. Get a hot water on-demand water heater so that it’s not always on like traditional ones. Only replace with these items when the old is useless or you really have the money, to avoid adding to the landfill.

Unplug Appliances When Not in Use

Did you know that when your phone is done charging, if you keep it plugged in, it keeps drawing electricity? Same with all the appliances you are not using. Use a power strip so that you can easily turn these things off when they are not in use or you are leaving the house.

Install Water-Saving Technology

One of the big wasters in a home is water. Install sink aerators, low-flow shower heads, and a low-flow toilet (or put an enclosed brick in the tank) to cut down on your water usage.

Dry Your Clothing on the Line

You may be amazed how much you will love the smell of your clothing when it is line dried. It depends on where you live and the weather, but it can be a great way to save energy plus get delicious-smelling clothing.

Replace Paper with Cloth

Stop buying paper towels or paper cleaning products. Instead, use old clothes and t-shirts you have cut up.

Get Digital Bills and Stop Junk Snail Mail

Ask your credit card companies to send digital bills, pay your bills electronically, and spend two dollars at DMAchoice.org to remove your address from receiving junk mail. It’s a way to “opt out” of snail mail.

Grow Your Own Food and Compost

Starting a small container garden can really pay off big time. Not only can you grow your own food and eat from your land practically free, but you can also make compost.

Collect Rainwater for Your Plants

Some areas have regulations against this, but if you’re not in an area like that, collect rainwater just for watering your plants on days it does not rain. Tip: learn all you can about your plants because you may be able to water them a lot less than you think.

ways to save money

Walk or Bike instead of Driving

If you live in an area that doesn’t have good public transportation, you can still walk or ride your bike when it’s close enough. You can save a lot of money on fuel and get in shape too.

Use the Public Library

Aside from only reading digital books, you can also use your public library to check out books. This saves money and paper. Most public libraries now let you borrow books electronically too.

Buy Used or Buy Things That Last

When you can avoid it, don’t buy anything new. Most of the time you can find the right items that are in good and like new shape for pennies on the dollar. This saves money and the environment because when you buy used, nothing you buy adds to your carbon footprint.

These tips should get you started. Most of them are super-easy to incorporate in your daily life. You may not even realize how green you really are until you start trying to find ways to be greener without too much pain.

ways to save money

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