effective wedding plans

effective wedding plans

One place you can save money on your wedding is with the wedding photography. Most people have very powerful cameras right on their phones today. In fact, you probably have a lot of people coming to your wedding who like to think of themselves as amateur photographers who would love to help. Let’s look at a few tips on how to save money on wedding photography.

Hire Them for Fewer Hours

If you hire a company to take pictures for your wedding, don’t hire them for every single event. Taking pictures of the wedding and just a couple hours of the reception will be enough time to get what you need for the formal pictures.

Shop Around

Don’t go with the first person you find. Shop around and go to interviews to find out what they can do for you within your budget. When you set your appointment, tell them your budget and that you cannot go a dollar over, and ask them to show you what they can do for that amount or less.

Get a Smaller Package

When they present packages to you, look at what’s included and ask if you can knock different parts off. Usually, within the package offer, they’ll show you a price list of what each portion of that package is valued at. Use that value to get a lower cost by knocking parts off that you don’t need.

effective wedding plans

Ask Friends to Help

A fun way to get photos that you’ll never forget is to ask your friends to help. Provide everyone with a digital camera (you can get disposable ones in packages inexpensively today) at the reception, but also give them the chance to use their smartphones or other digital cameras by offering a place for them to upload the pictures they take.

Don’t Get Prints or a Photo Book

One thing that adds substantially to the cost of photographs is photo books and prints through your photographer. Find out how much they’ll charge to get a digital copy of unaltered photos so that you can make your own prints and books.

Hire a Student

Students need opportunities to take creative photos. You may not know exactly what you’re going to get if you hire a student, but it is a great way to save money. Plus, it gives the student a chance to improve themselves or fulfill the requirements for an assignment.

Photos are an important part of your wedding day to help you remember. Thankfully, photographs for your wedding don’t have to break the bank or your budget. You can even come away with the best memories captured in photos without paying anyone. It’s up to you.

effective wedding plans

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