eco-friendly gifts

eco-friendly gifts

Let’s be honest; unless you are good at picking gifts for people, most gifts just end up in the attic, the garage, or stuffed away in a drawer and not really enjoyed. When you seek to choose only eco-friendly gifts, however, you add something to the experience of choosing the gift that will make that gift special.

Give Experiences Instead of Things

While some experiences aren’t exactly eco-friendly, anytime you can do things instead of adding more stuff to a collection, you are being more eco-friendly. Plus, going ziplining, or even going on a trip to do good works overseas or in a poor area of a country, can be a great gift for the right person.

Donate in Their Name

One way to give an eco-friendly gift is to find out something they value and donate to that cause in their name. Most organizations allow for gifting donations; if it’s not apparent on the website, ask them directly.

Needed Items Made in Sustainable Ways

The truth is, you can give anything you want as a gift – just look up the item you want and try to find an eco-version of it. Sometimes that means buying the item used so that it’s not adding to manufacturing pollution. A used air fryer works the same as a new one, but only the used one is eco-friendly.

Monthly Ugly Produce Delivery

There are probably several of these; some will be in your area and some won’t. However, you can find ugly and misfit produce for delivery via Misfits Market and Imperfect Produce. You might also ask locally if you can have a pick-up for produce that might be thrown out. In Arizona, they have Borderlands Produce Rescue which offers weekly pick-up of 70 pounds of produce for only 12 bucks.

eco-friendly gifts

Plant a Tree in Their Name

This is a beautiful gift to give almost anyone. It’s often done as a way to memorialize a person, but you can do it for any reason, including weddings, birthdays, births and more.

Anything Needed That’s Reusable

Everyone needs reusable kitchen rags, reusable straws, cups, and eco-friendly storage containers. The real trick is replacing single-use items with reusable items to help save the environment. Almost anyone would love a cute reusable straw to take with them everywhere.

Eco-Friendly Bedding and Towels

Bedding and towels are popular wedding gifts and something most people need. Try sheets made from bamboo and towels made from organic cotton grown with sustainable practices. New materials are coming on the market every day. If you don’t find used, consider buying one of the newer sustainable materials for this gift.

Ocean Plastic Bracelets

Offers you a way to help pay for the clean-up of the plastic in the ocean. You simply buy bracelets that were made from ocean plastic; it pays for the continued clean-up and your bracelet is from the plastic they found in the ocean.

Carbon Offsets

Via Cool Effect, you can buy carbon offsets, which will help eliminate your carbon footprint based on your travel. You can buy them as gifts for someone else based on what you think will help offset their footprint.

Buying an eco-friendly gift is going to make the entire experience a lot more fun for you and the person you’re giving to. People like getting well-thought-out gifts that are helpful, useful, and meaningful. Giving an eco-friendly gift is going to feel great to you and them.

eco-friendly gifts

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