woman health issues

woman health issues

For the most part, a period is a completely normal thing happening to all healthy girls and women every single month like clockwork. However, sometimes your period problems can be a sign that something else is wrong with your health, and you need medical attention. Other health issues can affect a woman’s period too.

Your Period Stops

Amenorrhea is a sign that something is different and possibly may be wrong. You could be pregnant, or you could have another issue. For some women, their thyroid can cause period problems. If your period stops and you are not pregnant for four to six months, make an appointment with your doctor. You could be super-low in iron or have other reason your period stops.

Your Cycle Shortens Substantially

For some people, a short cycle of fewer than 28 days is normal. Most doctors will not be worried if your period is regularly every 21 days either but if it’s new or shortens more, seek medical attention. This can be a sign of something more serious such as PCOS.

You Have Breakthrough Bleeding

When you first get your period, it can take up to two years for everything to be regular so in the beginning, breakthrough bleeding or bleeding or spotting between periods is relatively normal. However, after the two years you may want to find out if you can do anything about it. Often going on hormones can help regulate the period.

woman health issues

Excessive Bleeding

Menorrhagia happens when a girl has prolonged or heavy bleeding during her period. Usually, the bleeding is so bad that you cannot do your normal activities for fear of leaking or overflowing tampons or pads. Soaking one or more pads in an hour is a sign. Many women with excessive bleeding have PCOS, endometriosis, and other conditions that can be helped.

You Experience Debilitating Pain

Anytime you have pain that doubles you over or keeps you from enjoying your normal life, seeking help from a doctor is a good idea. Even though periods are normal, and some measure of cramping is normal, being doubled over in pain is not. You may have endometriosis or something more serious.

You Did Not Start by Age 16

If you are a late starter and have not started by 16, seek professional help at a certified gynecologist office. If you have all the other signs of puberty, you might even want to go by age 15. They can make sure everything is going as it should. Usually, they’ll just check your ovaries and your blood hormone levels, so it’s not a scary appointment.

Even though you seek medical attention, there isn’t always something the doctor can do. Many doctors will say it’s normal even when it’s not. That’s why it’s essential to find a very good gynecologist to take your teen daughter to. There is no reason today for any woman to suffer when there is help.

woman health issues

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