male menopause lifestyle issues

male menopause lifestyle issues

Some lifestyle issues are precursors to male menopause. Male menopause is a very poor use of a term most people are familiar with, menopause. However, this word describes an end to egg and hormone production in females, not males. Males don’t end their hormone production, it simply slows down. In addition, with the right diagnoses, if a man is otherwise healthy, it can be reversed.

Drinking Too Much

Drinking more three drinks a week puts you at risk for low testosterone along with increasing the likelihood you’ll have issues sleeping and concentrating at work.

Eating a Poor Diet

Eating right for your body type, genetics, and health is an imperative everyone needs to face. However, if you’re a male with male menopause you’ll want to get busy eating well now so that you can reverse the issue and start feeling like yourself again.

Experiencing a Lot of Stress

Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on anyone but the existence of this type of stress can cause hormonal balance issues that lead to even more problems.

Being Too Sedentary

Not getting enough exercise can increase the body fat percentage, which can cause a reduction of testosterone in the body. You may see the development of male breasts in this case.

male menopause lifestyle issues

Not Sleeping Well

Sleeping is a time when the body repairs itself and balances it’s If you’re not sleeping well, you may accidentally mess up your hormones. If you have the other symptoms plus you cannot sleep be sure to talk to your doctor.

Low Self Esteem

Hormonal imbalances can lead to low self-esteem but having low self-esteem can keep you from wanting to eat right, exercise, and take care of yourself too, which can lead to the problem too.


Cigarette smoking is bad for everyone. However, it leads to low-testosterone in most men who smoke. For this reason, men who smoke who are in their 40’s are often suffering from impotence or problems getting and keeping an erection. Studies are still out on whether cannabis smoking or vaping causes the same problems or not.

Severe Anxiety

The thing about anxiety is that sometimes there are hormonal and vitamin deficiencies that cause it. If you are feeling anxious even if you have no other symptoms get your testosterone and vitamin levels especially Iron checked. It’s really the first thing that should be done for anyone who has sudden severe anxiety onset.

There are a lot of ways a man can prevent going through male menopause, unlike female menopause, it’s not a foregone conclusion. If you avoid drinking too much, eat right, and keep moving you’re less likely to have the problem. If you end up with a problem but are otherwise healthy, hormone replacement therapy does wonders and reverses the issues.

male menopause lifestyle issues

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