male health tips

male health tips

The hormone testosterone is produced in the male’s testes and helps the male body build muscles, have strong bones, and healthy bone marrow and red blood cells. For this reason, dropping testosterone levels, which are part of male menopause, can cause havoc with those systems but also with it can cause mental symptoms too.

Low Energy

Having trouble keeping your eyes open when you need them to be open? Don’t want to do the things you need to take care of yourself and others? Can’t get through a meeting without wanting to fall asleep? You may have a hormone or vitamin deficiency.

Depression and Sadness

A vitamin D and/or a B12 shortage can cause depression and sadness if you don’t get it treated and often comes together with low testosterone. Your doctor may want to do some blood tests to find out how to treat your depression and sadness.

Decreased Motivation

It’s hard to be motivated if you don’t feel well. If your energy is low, and your depression is high, you may experience low motivation to get things done. You may not be able to muster the strength to get motivated to do what you need to do.

male health tips

Lowered Self- Confidence

Suffering from a lack of self-confidence can also be a symptom of male menopause. The main reason is the low testosterone, which seems to sap the confidence out of a man.

Difficulty Concentrating

Feeling foggy and an inability to focus and concentrate is another symptom of male menopause. Many things can cause or factor into having problems focusing and concentrating. Talk with your doctor to rule out specific issues and find the actual cause, as well as helpful treatments.

Difficulty Sleeping

If you have low energy, and are tired a lot, which may cause you to nap during the day, which then creates a circular situation where you can’t sleep at night. Hormone changes can affect sleep a lot.

Most of these mental symptoms can be controlled with diet, vitamins, and exercise and possibly hormone therapy. Even if it turns out to be some other, cause it’s worth it to get an exam by your doctor who will conduct tests to find out for sure what it is. If you or someone you love is experiencing these symptoms and problems, please help them get medical attention.

Their problems may be very treatable. It may be something as simple as low testosterone or something else. Your doctor will do tests to find out. What a wonderful thing to be treated with vitamins, a good diet, exercise and end up cured. The important thing is to talk to your doctor, whether it’s you or a loved one that needs help.

male health tips

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