woman healthy tips

woman healthy tips

A mood swing usually means it’s a sudden and not normal feeling that is occurring in you. Often, you don’t even know it’s happening or that you are reacting to it. This can happen when your hormones are pumping through your bloodstream due to fluctuations that happen naturally every month. You can be ready for it and deal with them without letting them affect your life.

Track It

Use a period app or calendar to track your period, including your moods. Once you’ve tracked for a few months, you’ll likely notice a definite pattern. Now that you have the pattern, you can do things to remedy the situation before it happens.

Get More Sleep

Don’t just get more sleep during your period or before it. Instead, try to sleep more all the time. If you are not sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night, look for ways to adjust your schedule so that you can work toward that goal. It’s going to pay off when you get your period because you’ll have fewer mood changes.

Eat Healthily

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to supporting all your internal bodily functions. Think about a car. Would you put a substitute for real gas in a car? Nope, because it won’t work if you do. Put healthy energy into your body so that you can have youthful energy come out of it.

Hormonal Balance

If you are having issues with mood swings that are surprising even to you, and not just your friends and family, get checked by a doctor to ensure your hormones are balanced correctly.

woman healthy tips

Avoid Smoking

If you do use cigarettes or a VAPE, it’s best to stop using nicotine because it can contribute to hormonal imbalance and other issues that can affect your mood. It’s very addictive, and there is nothing good about it.

Don’t Use Caffeine

Caffeine can affect almost anyone’s mood, either before or after they drink it. Caffeine is a stimulant drug found in coke, coffee, and even chocolate candy. Read all your labels and avoid it to help you avoid having worse moods and bad anxiety.

Don’t Use Illicit Drugs or Alcohol

Even if you don’t realize it, self-medicating for your conditions is not a good thing to do. Most teenagers don’t think they are self-medicating; they just think they are having fun. But if you are having mood issues, it’s best to talk to a professional doctor before using anything.

Plan Your Response

How you respond to things is a sign of your character. Even if you don’t feel well or you’re feeling moody, it doesn’t mean you can take it out on others. To avoid problems, think about your moods and plan your responses so that you stay out of trouble.

Getting help for your mood changes can go far in helping you deal with them. Parents, counselors, and even friends who are good role models can help you deal with your moods healthily and honestly.

woman healthy tips

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