saving environment tips

saving environment tips

We now know that plastic is bad for the environment and bad for you. New evidence is produced every day that tells us it’s bad for us. Every single bottled water product has plastic in it, and our bodies tend to have lots of plastic in them. And as you well know, the fish in the oceans and lakes also have lots of plastic in and around them. We must eventually stop using plastic. But, in the meantime, should you buy recycled plastic furniture?

Why We Love Plastic

When it comes to furniture, you cannot argue the durability of plastic compared to other types. Plastic furniture seriously lasts forever. It can go outside, inside, and be put in places you would never put wood furniture. Sadly, though, plastic has so many problems.

The Problem with Plastic

Some plastics are safer than others. For example, PVC and vinyl are especially bad for the environment. They contain a lot of heavy metals and cancer-causing dioxins when they burn. Not only that; plastics like BPA (bisphenol A) is known as a chemical that is a hormone disrupter. Plus, even so-called microwave safe plastics leach into the food inside once light and heat are applied. Not to mention the off-gassing all plastic furniture does and continues to do forever.

Work to Get Rid of Plastic

You will not be able to get rid of all the plastic in your life but the more you can get rid of, the better. Plastic containers, bottles, furniture and so forth are things you can do without. However, you likely need your fridge, your car, and your computer (not to mention your phone), and they all contain plastic.

saving environment tips

Get Real about Recycling

Because recycling has become not only mainstream but also profit producing for many companies due to the appearance of being environmentally sound, recycling isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You can do better reusing and repurposing today than recycling due to that. Always check with your recycling centers to ensure they are really recycling things. And when they are, how do they do it?

Recycled Is Better Than New

While having plastic around is not the best choice either health-wise or environmentally, buying recycled plastic is much better than buying new plastic. Also, depending on which company you purchase it from, it may be very sustainable. This is mostly true for plastic outdoor furniture. You want to avoid having plastic furniture indoors due to off-gassing.

If you must have plastic furniture outside due to budget and durability, buy recycled plastic furniture but check with the manufacturer about their methods. If you can afford to, consider buying new more sustainable materials that are “like” plastic but safer – such as hemp, bamboo, and wood.

saving environment tips

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