safe and healthy activities

safe and healthy activities

In all honesty, if you are sick, you should not pressure yourself to do any type of activity. You should call in sick and stay home. Take the time to rest as much as possible while staying hydrated so that you can get better fast. It’s a good time to watch movies.

Going for a Leisurely Walk

If you live in an area that has fresh air and not a city, going for a slow, leisurely walk in the fresh air can really help you feel better. Don’t walk if you are feeling fatigued but if you feel well enough, it’s okay to walk slowly so that you can enjoy the air.

Practicing Slow Yoga

Laying around sick can make you feel even sorer. Taking some time to do a few stretches and gentle yoga poses slowly and carefully can really help. Focus on gentle stretching and not a workout.


One thing that can help you transcend your illness is to take some time each day to meditate. Meditation is something you can do whether sick or well. You may find that spending more time in a meditative state will reduce your need for medication and make the time go faster.

Listening to Music

Find some music to listen to that makes you feel happy and relaxed. If you haven’t got out your old music from your younger days, it’s a nice time to indulge since you cannot work or be around people anyway. Plus, it’s fun.

safe and healthy activities

Watching Funny YouTube Videos

Laughing can boost your immunity, so why not get out your phone or laptop and watch funny videos. This is a waste of time on other days, but you’re sick, so it’s the perfect time to get lost in YouTube and laugh.

Sitting on the Porch

Fresh air is so much better for you than inside dank air. If you can’t go outside, open your windows and bring the fresh air in. If you can go outside, get a blanket and cuddle in your chair on the porch to enjoy the fresh air.

Watching Movies at Home

Today you can watch any movie you want pretty much from home. Since most people don’t have that much time to do it, this is the perfect time. Get on Amazon and look at what you can rent or what is included. Some people also just like watching old movies.

Eating Healthy

When you’re sick, it’s time to throw the diet out the window in terms of forcing yourself to eat, but it’s not time to eat in an unhealthy manner. Find some healthy foods that you can eat that make you feel better and give you the nutrition you need to fight illness.

Being at home and resting is the best activity of all. Of course, you have to do what makes you feel best in your situation. The main thing is that you should rest when you are tired and try not to be around other people so that you don’t infect anyone else.

safe and healthy activities

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