Healthy foods tips

Healthy foods tips

Intermittent fasting is popular and for a good reason it works. Sadly, though, a lot of people are not doing it with an eye toward health. After all, intermittent fasting is just a way to control how many calories you eat by purposefully (with a plan) skipping some meals. However, you never have to skip breakfast on the plan, and there are some who say you should not skip breakfast ever. With that in mind, here are some breakfast ideas for fasting days.

High Protein Smoothie

You can pack a lot of nutrition into a smoothie. Try making a high protein shake with avocado, almond milk, spinach, and protein powder. The fat will fill you up, the protein will satiate you, and the spinach will give you a punch of energy for your day.

What Your Body Wants

You can eat whatever your body wants. At breakfast, you’re coming off a fast since you don’t eat when sleeping. Your body probably is craving something that you need. Now, don’t eat the donuts if that’s what your body is craving, but find something that has the nutrition that can work as a protein bar.

Healthy Veggie-Rich Omelet

You need lots of energy to get through your day. An omelet with lots of veggies inside will fill the bill. You can put whatever you want in it, top it with salsa and a dollop of sour cream and you will never believe it’s healthy for you.

Healthy foods tips

Black Coffee

While this is not really a breakfast food, this is just to say that it’s okay to drink coffee in the morning. Even if you want to add a splash of cream to it. What you do want to avoid is something that causes cravings, and that is sugar.

Protein Bar

When choosing a bar to eat, try to find one that is organic, natural, and does not contain a lot of added processed sugar. Those types of bars are just desserts. Read the labels and choose accordingly. High protein, low sugar, and a lot of added vitamins are best.

Tofu Spinach Casserole

If you don’t like to eat eggs, you can eat a tofu spinach casserole or scramble instead. Just add some tofu in a pan, scramble up, add some turmeric, and any seasonings you like, plus spinach and any other veg that you like, and you’re sure to enjoy it. Not only that; you won’t get hungry for hours.

A Fifty-Calorie Meal

Did you know that when you are fasting, you can eat up to 50 calories any time you are ravenous and not ruin your fast. Only do this when you’re super-hungry. However, if you are worried about eating breakfast, trying the snack option can work too.

It’s super-important to focus on nutrition first thing in the morning. It’s also important to arrange your fasting days so that you eat most of your food earlier rather than later. The only exception is if you live a nightlife and work all night instead of all day. You need to get your calories and nutrition in the morning, so you have the energy to get through the day. You’ll find fasting much easier if your eating window is the first thing.

Healthy foods tips

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