medical health advice

medical health advice

For most people today, it’s hard to take time off from work. However, your co-workers will thank you if you don’t bring contagious illnesses to work. In fact, if you all agree to not come to work when contagious, it’ll stop your workplace from being a sick place all the time.

Continuous Coughing or Sneezing – A little bit is okay but when you cough or sneeze you are letting fly (no matter how you try to contain it) your infection for everyone else to breathe in and catch. Colds and flu are airborne so if it’s more than a couple coughs an hour, stay home. If you have lots of snot, no one wants that around them.

You Have a Fever

While people are infectious before coughing, sneezing, and being feverish, having a fever is a strong sign of you being contagious. Plus, you probably don’t feel good, so you should stay home and rest.

You Have a Red Painful Throat

This may be a sign of a co-infection like strep, but it could also just be drainage. You need to stay home and take care of it to ensure you don’t infect others, plus you will get better faster if you’re resting.

You Are Vomiting

If you are vomiting, you are in no condition to go to work and won’t be able to work. Plus, throwing up in the public bathroom isn’t very sanitary, and you will infect others and possibly infect yourself with another illness.

You Have Diarrhea

If you have the runs, you should stay home too because you’re very contagious right now. But also because it’s better to be home when your body is out of control like this.

You Have a Headache

You don’t have to stay home with “just” a headache but if you have other symptoms that are respiratory in nature, staying home is your best choice because it’s a sign that you need to rest.

You Have Body Aches and Pains

This is a sign that you may have the flu instead of a cold. Therefore, you should absolutely stay at home. Plus, it’s so much easier to treat at home where you are comfortable.

medical health advice

You Are Fatigued

If you are tired, it’s hard to be at your best at work anyway. No amount of caffeine is going to help, and you may make yourself worse. Instead, stay home and rest.

You Feel Dizzy

It’s dangerous for you to walk, drive, or go to work when you have vertigo. Plus, it is a sign of something more serious such as a sinus infection.

Acute Respiratory Issues

Anytime you feel fine and then come down with an illness quickly, don’t go to work. It’s a sign that you probably have the flu.

You Got Better Then Worse

If you were sick, then felt better, then got ill again within a couple weeks or a month, this is a sign that you’re overdoing it and need to rest so that you can truly get well.

If you have paid time off (PTO), do use it when you are sick so that you don’t get sicker and you don’t infect others. It’s the right thing to do. If it’s hard to take time off from work due to workplace issues, try talking to your supervisor. Or if you must, find a better job.

medical health advice

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