Nurturing Your Creativity Tips

Nurturing Your Creativity Tips

Even though there really is no such thing as a creativity block, if you’re not accustomed to calling on your creativity when needed, it might take a little work to find it and use it. These steps will help you find and nurture your creativity anytime you need it.

Record Your Ideas

When you have ideas, even if you don’t have time to do something with the idea right now (or you think the idea is rubbish), write it down or record it. You can get an app for your phone to write notes, as well as record your voice. That way you’d have it near you so you can keep track of your ideas.

Look at Your Goals

When you feel stuck, going back to look at your goals can help. Knowing what you want the result to be can help you figure out how to get there. If you don’t have goals, you need to make them before you start any project or anything at all. Without goals, you have no destination and no motivation.

Get a Second Opinion

This is where having a mentor, coach, or super-honest professional or friend with experience can help you in amazing ways. Talking an idea out with someone who knows which questions to ask and when to push you can bring the most amazing things out of you in terms of creativity.

Nurturing Your Creativity Tips

Find Inspiration

Read, watch movies, go for walks in nature – do what you can to inspire yourself. You may have to try new things to figure out what helps you get inspired enough to find your passion and unleash your creativity. Learning about whatever it is that you’re doing can help tremendously.

Change the Scenery

Get away from it and go do something else for a while, without thinking about “it” – whatever it is. Try doing a completely different task. For example, if you’re writing, go do something that requires talking so you can activate other parts of your brain.

Find Ways to Relax

Boredom can bring on creativity because when you get bored, your mind will start to wander. When your mind is not stuck on one thing, it can start getting pretty creative to try to keep you awake and engaged. Go rest in a hammock for an hour, go to a floatation pod, meditate. Get very relaxed without sleeping so that you can think.


If you are feeling tired and you cannot take a 90-minute power nap, it can help to do something that gives you energy such as having some caffeine, a vitamin water, or a green juice. Do something aerobic so that you can get more oxygen into your bloodstream. When you have more energy, you will come up with better ideas faster.

Do Things

No matter what else you do in life, if you really want to be creative you need to do things. You need to act. You need to implement it. That means you need to make choices and decisions based on knowledge and confidence. With practice, you will succeed.

Just remember that creativity is already within you. You don’t need anyone to teach you anything to be creative. Every single day you’re creative in a million different ways that you’re not conscious of at that moment. What’s more is that you can, with practice, call on that creativity when you need it.

Nurturing Your Creativity Tips

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