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When you get into a routine, sometimes you forget the importance of trying new things. The days become easy. They might even become a blur, and you may not remember anything from one day to the next. You may feel as if you lack any creativity at all. Doing new things interrupts your routine and brings new life into your day. It also does a lot more.

Deal with Failure

When you do more things, you will experience more failure. This may be frightening and a reason you have chosen not to do new things. However, failure, when you try, is something you can learn from. Remember, you are experiencing failure right now if you’re not doing new things. You might as well do new things so that you’ll learn more.

Experience More Success

It’s all in the numbers. If you experience more failure, the numbers say that you’re also going to experience more success. You can’t help it. Once you understand how success feels, you’ll want to do more things so that you can feel it even more.

The Butterfly Effect Is Real

Some people call this the ripple effect or the domino effect. Essentially, what it means is that every single little change you make in your life, or thing that you learn, is going to cause everything you do from that day forward to be different than it would have been if you had not had that experience. Consider what would life be like today if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did not start their businesses when they did?

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Overcome Challenges

By doing more things, you get to learn about and experience overcoming any challenges that you may face. Each time you have an experience in life, you learn from it so that with the next experience, you can use what you learned to improve it.

Become More Curious

The more you do, the more you learn, and the more you realize you don’t know, the more curious you’re going to become. Once you become curious, you will start to generate more ideas and become even more creative in every aspect of your life.

Learn from Other People’s Experiences

The more things you expose yourself to, the more people you’ll meet. The more people you engage with, the more people you can learn from. You don’t have to experience something first hand to learn about it.

Learn to Push Yourself

Sometimes, doing new things can challenge us to push through our boundaries. The more you do that, the better because you’ll be able to call on that feeling in other aspects of your life too.

The benefits of doing new things far outweigh any risks you may think there are to go outside your routine. You’ll get exposed to new stimuli that will create new stimulation for your mind so that you can come up with more ideas. Plus, it’s fun. Life is about doing new things. Make a list of the things that you want to try and start marking them off.

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