Pension Fund Tips

Pension Fund Tips

It can be challenging to find an eco-friendly pension fund because sometimes information is hidden from the public. In fact, most pension funds are tied up in a lot of fossil fuels, but more and more options are opening as consumers demand it. Today you can find dozens of choices for your pension fund investment. To find an eco-friendly pension fund, follow these tips.

Know What You Want

Sit down and write about your dream fund. What does it invest in, what does it avoid, and what type of people run the fund and support it? When you know about all those factors, it’s easier to choose going forward.

Balance Income Versus Good

While you want to do good, you need to also balance the income with doing good. Nothing is going to be entirely perfect right now, but each step is moving us toward a more eco-friendly world. But if you cannot take care of yourself when you retire, is it worth it?

Find Offers for Personalized Pension Plans

Many banks actually offer personalized pension plans that you can set up with them. They often have eco-friendly funds waiting for investors, so it should not be hard to find this.

Find an Ethical Independent Financial Advisor

While financial advisors often charge for their time or a percentage (or other type of fee depending on the laws and what they do), finding someone who is independent but also ethical is a great way to locate the right funds.

Pension Fund Tips

Stay Out of Fossil Fuel Funds

One of the most damaging things to our environment right now is fossil fuel dependency. All over the world, countries are starting to end their dependence on fossil fuels, which tells you not only that these funds will not be as profitable in the future, but also that investing in clean energy will do better.

Screen Out Negative Investments

One way to find an eco-friendly fund is to simply list the things you don’t want to fund and then screen those out until you find a fund that doesn’t invest in those things. For example, maybe you don’t want a fund that works with a bank which donates to people who would make laws that don’t support green energy adoption.

Look for Faith-Based Funds

One way to ensure that your own ethics aren’t violated is to find funds that take your religion into consideration. There are funds for pretty much every mainstream religion available, so you simply need to ask about that.

Support Funds that Invest in Positive Eco-friendly Actions

Some funds like to spend money investing in community green activities and changes. For example, loaning money to a small business that wants to set up eco-car charging stations.

There are three strategies that investment fund managers can use to find eco-friendly options for you to invest in. Firstly, they can seek to work only with companies that altogether avoid the things you’d like to stay out of like fossil fuels. Secondly, they can work with companies that seek to improve, and the third choice is to work only with companies that do good things. It’s up to you, but there are plenty of eco-friendly pension fund options for anyone who wants to find them.

Pension Fund Tips

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