effective math tricks

effective math tricks

Teaching your child multiplication is an essential part of growing up. It will help them with a lot of everyday tasks in life, such as banking, cooking, and even taking a bus or getting someplace on time. Math is important, and so is multiplication to help make good choices at the right time on the fly.

These tips will help your child learn multiplication

Expose Them to Math Daily

Every chance you get, point out the math that is surrounding them at home and at school or at play. For example, even playing football can be made mathematical when you get down to the way the coach plans the plays. It’s one reason a lot of coaches are also math teachers.

Create and Hang Up a Times Table Sheet

The more your child sees the math, the more they’ll remember. Have them create a times table sheet and hang it on the wall or the fridge, someplace they see every day.

Teach the Easiest Concepts First

Start with super-easy concepts like multiplying by zero, one, and two before you move on to harder concepts. You may want to do the 5’s before you do 3’s as they are harder for people to get down.

Show Them the Math Tricks That You Know

One way to show kids that math is fun is to show them the neat tricks you know about math. One method that is great for kids is showing them how you can do your 9’s on your fingers.

effective math tricks

Put the Work to Song

Go to YouTube and look for “multiplication songs” and you’ll find fun songs for all your multiplication tables. Singing these songs and hearing them repeatedly can help your child get their multiplication tables down.

Play Math Card War

It’s simple; each player turns over the cards and the fastest to guess the total wins the round. You can do this with any type of cards that have numerical values so you can turn your other cards into the war math card game easily.

Draw a Circle

There is a way to do your multiplication tables using a drawing of a Waldorf Multiplication Circle. Some people are very creative and make it look like a flower. It’s complicated to explain, so watch this YouTube video because that will help. It’s fun to draw and makes them think of all the concepts. (https://youtu.be/pQPSHLa4PUc)

Quiz Your Children

Make this a game, but randomly ask your child some multiplication questions. If you can make it relevant, that is better. For example, at the store, you might say something like, “I need to buy 1/4 pound of ground beef for each person attending. How much do I need if 20 people will come?”

The point of all of this is to show that math is fun and even easy sometimes. And even when it’s hard, it’s fun and useful. Be sure to reward your children when they try and are successful at learning their multiplication tables. You want it to be fun and not something they dread or are afraid of learning.

effective math tricks

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