Summer Food Ideas

Summer Food Ideas

Summer food is all about fresh, locally-grown produce, no matter what year it is. But sometimes ideas come along that you didn’t even consider might happen. Let’s look at some trending summer food ideas that are predicted to be in this summer.

Grilled Watermelon

This may seem strange, but it really does work. The texture is changed substantially and it kind of looks like raw steak, but it’s still sweet and delicious. With the addition of seasoning, it’s the perfect sweet, salty, and fresh thing to eat when it’s hot out.

Jackfruit BBQ

There is a fruit called jackfruit that you can use to make the most delicious and meaty-tasting BBQ. Nowadays you can buy jackfruit BBQ at stores like Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Wholefoods.

Rose-Infused Delights

With June 9th being National Rose Day, it’s a good day to prepare any rose-infused delights you can. From tea, to water, to ice cream, the possibilities are endless when it comes to roses.

Meal Bowls

Part of the easy way to eat today is to eat everything in a bowl, even if it’s not soup. One Green Planet has rounded up ten recipes that show that the best summer meals come in bowls. All their recipes are top-notch and delicious.

Keto Delights

Lots of people are trying to eat keto diets, so it just goes to show that there will also be many keto foods in this summer: from the basics like chicken wings, to dips made from roasted chicken. It’s all in.

More Vegan Goodness

Just like the keto diet has taken off, so has the vegan plant-based diet, and that is not going out of style anytime soon. More people are becoming vegan every day than any other time in history. And why not; the food industry is coming through with so many wonderful choices that it’s easy now.

Summer Food Ideas

Cold Locally-Brewed Beer

There are more local breweries than there used to be. Small, locally-owned beer breweries are always creating amazing concoctions for their local audience. Go to a beer tasting, and maybe even try brewing your own.

All You Can Eat Buffets

Okay, this seems weird, but it’s true. People love going to all you can eat bars, but you’re going to see more specialties than the “everything” type of bars. For example, restaurants like Sweet Tomatoes® Salad Bar restaurants are becoming even more popular as people work hard, yet want to grab something healthy and light in the summer.

Food Delivery

This is not just getting dinner delivered from a fast food place. Healthy food boxes, healthy prepared meals from a personal chef, and ordering individual grocery items and having them delivered is getting a lot more popular.

Infused Teas and Water

People are into drinking water today, more than ever. Water is good for you, but people love mixing it up. Drinking infused water and tea is a good answer if you want something new.


Sounds weird, but radishes are making a comeback. And there is more to do with a radish than putting it in your salad. These 35 radish recipes can get you started on creating amazing radish-inspired dishes.

This summer, the main thing is to open your horizons and try new things. If you see something you never heard of at a party, go ahead and try it. It might be your new favorite thing.

Summer Food Ideas

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