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You may be wondering what precisely a birdwatcher does. The verb in the name describes the watching part, but there is a lot more to birdwatching than just looking at birds. Let’s look at what people do when they go birdwatching.

They Learn in Advance

A serious birdwatcher doesn’t just go watch birds. They first take the time to learn about the birds they want to watch. That way, when they do see birds out in the wild, they can identify them accurately.

They Make Careful Plans

A birdwatcher will make detailed plans about when they’re going, where they’re going, and that type of thing. They will know the kind of birds that will be where they’re going so they know what to expect. Some holidays and tours are planned a year in advance.

They Hike and Walk to Scout Out Birds in Bird Habitats

Birdwatchers must walk a lot. They may walk through marshes, swamps, mountains, fields – anywhere they know that the bird they want to view likes to be is where they’ll be.

They Identify Birds They See

When a birdwatcher finally sees a bird, they like to try to identify it. They tend to want to describe the birds so they can identify them later if they’re not sure at the moment.

They Learn about Bird Behavior

Birdwatchers also educate themselves about bird behavior. Knowing how they act is an important component in identification too.

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They Learn about Bird Vocalizations

Birdwatchers spend a lot of time learning the sounds that birds make so they can identify them by sound. The main reason is that usually you’ll hear a bird before you see it.

They Record It All

If you see birdwatchers with their little notebooks, it’s because they’re recording what they see and hear. Some birders keep very detailed journals about their experience.

They Find Companionship

One of the things birdwatchers love is being with other like-minded individuals. Even though everyone is virtually silent during the experience, they will spend time with others planning and discussing birds and birdwatching.

They Have Fun

Birdwatchers have a good time during the entire process. They love learning about birds, in addition to watching birds. They also like teaching other people about birds because they’re an essential part of our ecosystem and should be cared for more.

They Educate the Public

Birdwatchers are good at educating the public about the importance of taking care of the bird population. Their records and the information that they collect helps ensure that birds can survive in our modern world.

If you want to learn more about birdwatching, contact your nearest Audubon Society. They will teach you everything you need to know about birdwatching, including how to do it safely for you and the birds.

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