sustainable choices

sustainable choices

The good news is that you can find sustainable products almost everywhere you normally shop. You don’t even have to try that hard. The consumer demand for sustainable products has created a priority for most business. Even Walmart offers sustainable choices. You mostly just need to know what to look for and you can find it anywhere you shop. Let’s look at a few options.

Do you want a phone that can be repaired and fixed, plus gets their supplies from an ethical fair supply chain? Look no further than This company works toward ethical gold mining without child labor. Since every phone has gold in it, this is an important part of buying a phone. Their phones are long lasting, can be reused and recycled and fixed and they work great.


Yes, you can find ethical products at Walmart. For example, most Walmart’s now have a policy of buying local organic produce before getting it from other suppliers. Many Walmart stores now have LED lighting that only comes on when you walk past the case or open the door thus saving energy. Most Walmart stores are also employing a no-waste water system as well. You can read all about the 10- Eco-Friendly Features of Walmart Stores to find out what they’re doing to try to be more sustainable.

If you want a very high-quality rug made by the people who will collect the money instead of a big corporation that gets all the money via child labor and unfair wages look at Kush Rugs for the answer. They are on a mission to end child labor and they’re very serious about it. Their products are never chemically processed or bleached.

sustainable choices

Bulk Items

At the grocery store, bulk items are frequently offered, such as dried beans and rice that comes without all the packaging. IN most of these stores you can bring your own containers to use to measure the amount you need thus reducing your waste even more. Stores like Trader Joe’s don’t allow certain additives in their food making it even better.

If you want to buy sustainable furniture, you can find it at some chain stores. Just look for brand names associated with sustainability. You can also go to specialty shops. Marketplaces, such as may be your best bet since you are assured that all their furniture is ethical and sustainably made.

Famer’s Markets

At most farmer’s markets you can find organically grown produce that is grown ethically and sustainably. Keep in mind that some small farmers cannot afford to get certified but are usually happy to take you on tour to show you their growing practices even if they cannot legally say it’s organic.

The main thing to do is to research anything that you want to buy from clothing, to food, to furniture and other items before buying them. Look up “sustainable alternatives to” whatever you want to buy. You’ll get so many ideas you’ll never have to buy anything that is not green again.

sustainable choices

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